Crafty update

I promised craft-based goodness and I’m happy to present the lovely work done by my wife.

Simone the Happy Bag

Simone the Happy Bag

This courier bag was made from – wait for it – an old pair of olive green cargo shorts, which had suffered the inequities of age. A rip here, a paint mark there, missing buttons and a general sense of malaise conspired to earmark my garment for the scrap bin.

Happily, my wife is far cleverer than me and conceived a way to turn the shorts into the bag you see here. It’s fantastic, and the pictures can’t quite do justice to the intricacy of the sewing on the strap, for example.

Alternate bag view

It’s a source of some amazement to me that she has such a clever vision and employs the best kind of frugality – taking something which still has life in it and that can be transformed into an object which serves a purpose somewhat different than was originally intended.

I’m now all about rigging up a caddy for our iPod classic from an old Walkman carcass…


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