Nintendo raise Wii price, gamers shrug…

Courtesy of Cubed3, a story which boggles the cranium – just as Sony cut the price of the PS3 (and introduce the PS3 Slim) and Microsoft make noises about another Xbox 360 price drop, Nintendo decide to buck the trend and  RAISE the price of their market-dominating Wii console to £200.

Is this box worth £200?  Ninty thinks so...

Is this box worth £200? Ninty thinks so...

I can’t really see the logic of this – the value in the machine can’t compare to the merits found within both the 360 and PS3, the demand for the system appears to have hit a plateau and the whispers of an HD iteration of the console refuse to be silenced.

As somebody who loved his GameCube and has just picked up a DS, I have no interest in dissing the system – far from it, in fact.  A few moments spent in the Nintendo sphere is a heady treat and so refreshingly different from the gaming vernacular of Sony and Microsoft – no bald-headed, swearing, alpha-male space marines for Ninty.  I want the Wii to offer something so compelling that I feel the need to acquire the system for my home, but this price hike is hardly the right way to encourage new consumers to adopt the hardware.

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  1. Raise it all you want Nintendo, just give us better games.

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