Marvel Entertainment bought by Disney for $4bn and all the longboxes they can carry…

Avengers Assemble!

It’s the media mash-up which has the Twitterati tweeting and the business pages speculating on What It All Means  for the House of Mouse and the House of Ideas.

The always fantastic “Super Punch” blog offers some artistic responses to the hook-up – my own thoughts on this, for what they are worth, is that this deal allows Disney to have a movie slate that skews towards the cash-rich, hard-to-reach teen boy demo which always seems to have eluded them – if that kind of synergy (Theme Park Rides! Video Games! Toys! Lovely, lovely money!) isn’t what this deal was about, then I don’t know why it came about.

Indeed, Topless Robot reports that Fox have announced a “Fantastic Four” reboot to prevent their movie rights reverting back to Marvel/Disney (Misney?).



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