Avatar – $300 million bucks and Fox can’t buy James Cameron musical taste

"Avatar" image (C) 20th Century Fox/Lightstorm EntertainmentThe mind boggles.

As reported by the BBC and the lovely Idolator music blog, James Cameron’s epic 3D Sci Fi adventure “Avatar” has found a theme song.

And it’s sung by Leona Lewis.

As much as I abhor cultural snobbery, is this really a good idea? I can understand that this power ballad gambit worked last time Cameron directed a film – you may well shudder to remember “My Heart Will Go On”, Celine Dion’s Oscar-snaffling uber-epic from “Titanic” – but I find myself wishing that all concerned would move past such safe aural wallpaper and find somebody a bit more interesting than the apparently nice but utterly unremarkable “X-Factor” grad and Simon Cowell SKU, Leona Lewis.

Seems very safe to me – somebody send James Cameron an Imogen Heap album, for the love of Pete!

Here’s the thing – I bow to nobody in my Cameron fandom:  I’ve booked my tickets for “Avatar” on the weekend of release, committed myself to seeing it multiple times over the Christmas holidays in 3D, 2D and maybe even Imax if I can get to Manchester (my nearest decent Imax theatre).  I’ll probably be picking up the game when it comes out and I have a real soft spot for James Horner’s movie scores – this development, though, doesn’t sit well with me, and smacks of overwhelming conservatism.

Conservatism which hopefully won’t intrude into the film itself…



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