Snow Day

The view from my bedroom window on Sunday afternoon.  Seasonal, isn’t it?  It’s calmed down a bit, but the flurries do start up again, periodically.  It’s a good job we took Bonnie the Terrific Terrier out for her constitutional this morning, as the weather would have made it borderline impossible later on.

And as you can see, she was appropriately attired for her walk…

Weather conditions being as they were, we elected not to go to our usual dog-walking location as the roads promised to be treacherous – it’s not the kind of location that Sheffield’s gritter trucks make it to first thing.  Instead we went to Endcliffe Park, which was a fine place to give Bonnie her walk and had the added benefit of yummo Cappucino from the cafe in the park.

When we went out at 9:00am, the weather was like this:

As of two or three minutes ago?  Sheffield looks like this..

The Day After Tomorrow 2: Ice-Capade!

Makes you want to stay inside, really.  Well, that’s the plan for the rest of today.  Hopefully, your own corner of the globe is a bit warmer.

The best response to this weather is to go get some hot cocoa – tell whomever may query this that I said you could.

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