Whatcha’ Been Playing – points hoarder edition…

As previously promised, this is another edition of the Whatcha’ Been Playing meme which has been so generous to any podcast needing twenty to forty minutes of lovely content each week…and to hapless bloggers eager to generate traffic from punters on the internets.

First up – “Frontlines – Fuel of War”, the KAOS/THQ tactical shooter from 18 months or so ago.  This isn’t a game that’s been on my shelf for long – it’s actually a pick-up from the good people at Goozex.eu.  Enjoyable combat, neat gadgets – UAV’s, remote controlled helicopters and trucks, a mess of vehicles to tool around in – and a mostly involving story which strives for some real world relevancy add up to a fun experience which is worth looking at if you see it cheap or can pick it up for rental.

Can’t comment on the multiplayer, but I know that on the 360 community side, E and Major Nelson were vocal supporters of the MP component of the game when it came out.  Give it a shot (no pun intended).

Pretty Steelbook!

Another game in my playing rotation is…

Black Rock and Disney Interactive's "Pure"

Awesome ATV stunt action, ahoy!

…which is a must for you if you like fast-paced, tactical racing action with just a hint or nerdy, RPG stats-like gameplay.

Sure, you can jump right into the game and duke it out with a stock vehicle but a few minutes spent in the game’s garage feature can pay dividends in the later stages of the game.  In fact, unless you’re some kind of racing savant, you’re going to have no small amount of issues unless you take the time to spec your rides, investigate tuning options and find out what kind of vehicle works best with the courses and race types – sprint, freestyle and race.

I love this game – and have bought it twice, for PS3 and 360 (the latter I’ve recently traded via the aforementioned Goozex).  The gameplay is a challenge – getting every point in every stage is a hell of a job – and the graphics are to die for, with eye-popping vistas over the lip of every mountain and cliff-top edge.  It’s one heck of an underrated title and I’m glad to see that at least some people will get to play it as it forms part of the software pack-in with Microsoft’s 360 bundles this festive season.

In far nerdier news – and to demonstrate that Giant Bomb can influence a brother to pick up a game or two – I’ve just downloaded “Torchlight”, via Steam.

Loot! Loot! Loot!

Loot lovers, fill ye boots...

It’s a dungeon crawler, with lovely art and pleasing character design – well worth a look, as the demo’s free and easy enough for a PC noob like me to pick up.  Highly recommended.

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