And in news from 1953…

What a fun night out...

(C) PA

Northampston South MP, Brian Binley, would like smoking reintroduced to pubs – for readers outside the UK, the previous Labour government banned smoking in public spaces like pubs and workplaces in July 2007.

None of this really affects me, as I’d sooner chew glass than go to a pub, but it’s nice to know that if friends insist on meeting in a bar my lungs will not immediately go into arrest because some twerp can’t survive for five minutes without edging closer towards throat cancer, lung disease or a myriad of future health problems.

Sometimes, I find myself convinced that I’m living in a really drab sitcom from the mid-50’s, where men were men, women knew their place and folk could spark up a tab at t’pub and get all cancered-up in the presence of like-minded sorts…

(Via Bitter Wallet)


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