Blizzard outlaw trolls – pictures at 11

Don't feed the...

(C) Blizzard

Interesting goings-on over at, where Blizzard are taking pro-active steps to remove the ‘anonymous’ part from the internet’s favourite sport – anonymous forum abuse and message board griefing – by requiring that posters submit posts under their real names.

Cue the meaner part of t’internets going bug-shaped over what this means for their right to ladle abuse on noobz and the like. For my part, I think it’s an interesting wrinkle in the evolution of online community and how we expect to treat one another in public forums.

After all, if you treat people decently and with respect, what do you really have to fear from this?

Some perspectives from Eurogamer, Kotaku and the community’s thoughts over at NeoGaf.

UPDATED Friday July 9th 2010:

It would appear that Blizzard have had something of a change of heart…


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