Here Be Dragon (Age 2)

What's a hundred and fifty hours between friends?

RPG's for people who don't like RPG's

Confirming the online scuttlebutt, BioWare today announced that the sequel to “Dragon Age: Origins” is scheduled for release in March 2011 – look, here’s a press release!

I’m currently playing through the initial part of the first game with my Dalish Elf rogue, Illyria (a pint of finest Dwarf’s Mead to anyone who can tell me where I half-inched her name from) and enjoying the merry heck out of it.

Yes, the graphics are less than wonderous, but the gameplay, story and atmosphere more than make up for such minor technical shortcomings. Note that the press release promises a graphical upgrade – having played through “Mass Effect 2” earlier this year (the looks of which were a quantum leap beyond the first game), here’s hoping that BioWare can deliver and improve the only element of the first game which was arguably lacking.

Sure, it’s a bummer that your character from the first game appears to be surplus to requirements – all new characters and story are promised – but that’s really nit-picking, as a new story can only be a good thing.

Neo-Tolkein, high-fantasy hype engage!


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