New Xbox 360 cures sick, turns water into wine

Image (c) Engadget

Eurogamer reports that beleagured high street retailer Game opened 400 of their UK stores at midnight Friday to sell Microsoft’s latest iteration of the 360, the new Slim model.

Smaller, more generous of hard drive (250gb), built in N wi-fi, whisper-quiet, lovely and shiny – what’s not to love, frankly? As much as I love my 360, I can’t quite see myself rushing out to buy one just yet – if I know Microsoft, I’m pretty sure that they’ll manage to get the price down a little further from the already reasonably generous £200 price point – I’m thinking that a combination of an MS price cut and some crafty online discount code might get me to pull the trigger at £179.99, perhaps (Think of all the packets of Co-Op mint chocolate fondants one could pick up with the £20.00!).


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