What’Cha Been Reading?

How nice of you to ask.

Evil Bankers are actually dragons in disguise. Figures.

Parasol Protectorate Assemble!

Never trust a Magician...

At the moment, I am mostly being literararily promiscuous with “Soulless” by Gail Carriger, “Black Blade Blues” by J.A. Pitts, and “The Magician’s Guild” by Trudi Canavan.

If you’re suspecting that I’m something of a fantasy fiction kick at the moment, you are quite correct.

All good books, each in their own way. Gail Carriger’s book is a charming, witty and very entertaining fantasy tale with a hint of Victorian steampunkery, inter-species romance and the a personable, idiosyncratic heroine in the form of Alexia Tarabotti – an Italian spinster without a soul adrift in London society and in desperate need of a function which offers proper catering.

J.C. Pitts’ book is an urban fantasy story, with creatures from Norse mythology crashing headfirst into the contemporary Pacific Northwest and the life of confused blacksmith and battle re-enactor Sarah Beauhall – whose fusing of the titular mystical sword for a low-budget fantasy movie she’s working as props mistress for leads her into a whole mess of dragons who walk amongst us, relationship complications and visceral battles both small and large. An author that I’ll be keeping an eye on.

Trudi Canavan’s book, meanwhile, is a grittier fantasy novel than I’ve read in the past – there’s magic and magicians, poverty and prejudice and a richly drawn world in which the powerful subjugate the powerless in a city whose political machinations make Minas Tirith’s look like a model of modern urban cooperation.


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