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The dynamic duo

You used HOW MANY picarats?

In news which will delight Mrs Boo to the very core of her being, “Professor Layton & The Unwound Future” is heading to European Nintendo DS handhelds on October 22nd 2010. However, she won’t be playing it until a little bit later.

I feel that I should really enjoy the anime stylings, cool characters and gorgeous settings in these games – It’s the puzzles that I have an issue with. It all comes down, I suppose, to which kind of gamer you are – someone who plays a game for a sense of achievement (to overcome challenges through showing preternatural skill, to show dominance of a genre or game style) or somebody who enjoys gaming as a medium for presenting stories and character in a new way.

If I were the former, I would be going nuts everytime that I play a “Layton” title, as at some point I inevitably have to employ hints or tips (using the games’ ‘picarat’ currency) to solve a puzzle and that just doesn’t sit well with the ‘hardcore’ gamer mentality. As someone who loves story a whole heck of a lot, I can see why it’s acceptable to use a hint system in a game like this in order to get further and get to the next chunk of story.

So, to use hints or not – to puzzle one’s way through or take the cheap route to progression. It’s a vexing conundrum in and of itself.


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