It’s been a while…

What a difference six months or so makes.

This year's COD

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The latest “Call of Duty” game, “Black Ops” something in the region of 18 million copies worldwide, despite gamer reaction to 2010’s iteration in the market-leading FPS franchise being as mixed as ever. For a game which so many fans purport to hate with a passion, it routinely sells multi-millions in the first week of release, tops the the Xbox Live and PSN multiplayer charts and the map pack DLC coins it in with metronomic regularity.

And I’ve not played it, I must confess. I tried the demo, didn’t really connect with it (more of a “Gears”/”Uncharted” player in the 3rd person style) and moved on. But people love it, so what do I know?

Kinect? Biggest consumer electronics launch ever. Far from the bomba-bomb, gadget curiosity that I initially felt it was going to be (still no games worth the name for it, mind you, and “Child of Eden” has slipped towards an Autumn release).

The black box which keeps giving...

As insecure as a Californian trust fund teen...

The PS3 was hacked comprehensively in January of 2011, with the vapour trail of that massive corporate security blunder resonating to the weekend in April that I’m writing this post, where PSN has been taken offline for two days due to what appears to be an external security breach which threatens the personal security data of anybody with a PSN account.

“It only does everything”, eh Sony? Including handing off your credit card info to any script kiddie with time on their hands. Happy days.


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