Meanwhile, back in explosion town

All asses kicked, no waiting - next!

An interesting piece from the Guardian’s Games blog by Keith Stuart, on the subtext which lies beneath the all-shooting, rooting-tooting facia of recent FPS games, which naturally takes Epic/People Can Fly’s splendid nut-busting actioner “Bulletstorm” as it’s focus.

As intriguing an idea as this is, I think that Phillip Noyce’s 1990 adaptation of the Tom Clancy novel “Patriot Games” did this kind of thing a little better – remember the scene in Pentagon command with Clancy’s CIA analyst hero Jack Ryan watching a Spec Ops attack on a terrorist training camp via satellite link? As good a commentary on the disconnected ways that wars are waged as can be imagined, and all the better for not spelling everything out in the way such movies usually do – not for nothing has the later Infinity Ward/Treyarch entries in the “Call of Duty” series borrowed the visuals from this scene for specific levels in their games.

Grayson Hunt image via the splendid “Bulletstorm” wiki

Subtext and nuance are always welcome in the FPS sphere – if it’s done well, the DudeBro demo are too busy preening and twunting around in Ed Hardy muscle Tees to notice it and chin-stroking Edge readers like me can congratulate themselves on finding the hidden commentary on gender politics and urban poverty secreted amidst the ‘shoot dude in the nuts for score multiplier’ shenanigans of the single player campaign.

Cheers, GamesRadar types!

A fine game by the way, even without the carrot offered by entry into the “Gears of War 3” beta – part Epic Games actioner, part-score attack retro joy, all silly and self-knowing SF joy: Happiness is a remote-guided sniper bullet right into some pesky, camping NPC’s nutsack.


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