Project Cafe – confirmed.

The past fortnight has seen renewed speculation about the debut of a new Nintendo console at this year’s E3 industry show in Los Angeles – rumours abounded about capacitive, HD touch screen controllers, a graphics processor capable of outgunning Microsoft’s 360 and approaching the upper end of Sony’s PS3 capabilities. Unconfirmed reports suggest that it can find your car keys, explain the ending of “Battlestar Galactica” and speed run FIVE “Mario” games simultaneously blind-folded and in the original Japanese.

That speculation was today confirmed by the big N themselves – Eurogamer has a story here, whereas NeoGaf’s detectives have speculation, context, rumour and all manner of back and forth in these two threads – one & two.

Ready to launch by October? Boasting the new “Zelda” game, “Skyward Sword” as a quarter-one title and support from the hardcore gamer-friendly likes of Activision, Ubisoft, Take Two and EA, this is arguably the machine they could have released around the time of the Wii’s debut – was it so tough to create a system which offered core gaming and expanded audience titles?

Still, I will certainly be watching this year’s Nintendo conference with barely suppressed eagerness as Nintendo honchos Reggie Fils-Aime and Iwata-san drag things out – more 3DS stuff I’m not interested in? Sure, whatever, fine! – until the inevitable debut of the new machine at the end of the press briefing.

June 7th can’t get here quickly enough…


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