PSN meltdown – 70 million accounts affected?


We knew that it was a problem last week when Sony took pre-emptive steps to shore up security on PSN by closing down their network entirely, but the extent of the rumoured intrusion was confirmed earlier this week when Sony admitted that the personal data of some 77 million PSN users had been compromised and was now in the hands of hackers unknown.

Anecdotally, I know that I have one master PSN account and several sub-accounts which hold fake details – for access to Japanese and US stores, to get early access/any access at all to some of the free, region-locked content – but the scale of the problem is still pretty huge.

Destructoid sums it up nicely.

As a gamer whose DLC needs are mostly met by Microsoft’s Xbox Live service, I don’t see myself using PSN much in the very near future – when it does come back online, any thoughts that I might have entertained about purchasing content for my games are going to depend on the security of the new infrastructure that Sony presents us with.

Redeemable PSN cards are fine – but Sony’s offering has never been majorly compelling to me in the first place. It’s a great machine, no doubt, but Sony’s online service is only saved from utter failure by the fact that it’s not as shockingly ill-conceived as the embarassment of riches offered up by Nintendo on the Wii.

Do you suppose that this enforced downtime means that we might get a firmware upgrade which fixes the shonky, last-gen Web Browser and enforced title updates which don’t take forty minutes to download and install?


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