Skype users? Meet your new Overlords.

Microsoft have raided the sofas again over in Redmond and picked up Skype for a shade over 8 billion Microsoft points* – what this means in the grand scheme of things is the source of much musing amongst the community.

IPTV? Sweet, Leet upgrade to Xbox Live cross-game chat? Single-handedly using their new-found tech arsenal to remotely take-down any Skype’d-up podcast that even dares to besmirch the name of Billy Gates, the 360 or Major Nelson? Killer app to move a few more Windows Phone 7’s?

My money is on fast-tracked integration into the 360/Kinect -because that’s what Microsoft are good at – but the shape of that integration is anybody’s guess.

*They may have used actual, you know, currency and not Microsoft’s made-up space buck currency surrogate.


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