Google’s Chromebook – Sorcery! Sorcery, I tells ye!

Google have just announced their Chromebook – the netbook/laptop/convergent NowBox(c) that promises to be a web navigating device for folks who really don’t want a computer.

A computer for the rest of us or a hobbled box which is still too complex for many of the target market? Smart tech like the Android or a future bank holiday weekend offer gadget at Argos?

Digressing only slightly, as a mostly competent navigator of Teh Internetz, I am always surprised to learn about UK government-backed schemes such as Race 2012, which aims to get the nine million UK citizens who’ve never braved the internet online.

Nine million people – essentially the population of Jakarta, the 10th most populous city on Earth – who have never bought into the brave, digi-future. Boggles the mind, doesn’t it?

Now, if those 100,000 digital inclusion volunteers can also retune the tech refuseniks’ grudgingly-purchased Freeview boxes so that I don’t have to, I’ll be a chuffed bunny and no mistake.

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