Test Drive Unlimited 2 – Strike!

Viva la revolucion! To your proletariat supercars, my fellow revolutionistas!

In one of the weirder stories of the week, it appears that apparently embattled French development studio Eden Games, who brought you titles like the first next gen “Test Drive Unlimited” and the “Alone In The Dark” update, are meeting the threat of redundancies at their studio head-on by going on strike. And they’re inviting you to strike with them.

Citing chicanery and corporate bunkum from their overlords at Atari, Eden Games propose to down tools in the hope that the proposed cut of 51 jobs from their 80-strong studio can be avoided, and that they can get the attention of Atari CEO Jim Wilson, whose continued invisibility is cited as a particular sticking point.

Is this a chicken or egg scenario? Are Eden’s games hamstrung by wranglings behind the scenes that gamers are not privy to or has their output dictated their fate? Neither the “Alone in the Dark” remake nor this Winter’s “Test Drive 2” have met with rapturous responses – in the triple A era, have ambitious but not wholly accomplished, mid-range titles like Eden’s met the challenge of the market place and been found wanting?

Mind you, if Treyarch can go from also-rans to heavy-hitters just via proximity to the all-conquering “COD” franchise, is it a logical leap to guess that Eden are under the auspices of the wrong corporate parent and might flourish elsewhere? Stranger things, and all that.

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