Modern Warfare 3 – spoiled rotten?

Hint - there will be shooting and Veteran will be a pain in the arse.

Kotaku has the potential motherlode of all spoiler posts, which purports to leak images, audio and crucial storyline elements of this autumn’s guaran-damn-teed blockbuster FPS, “Modern Warfare 3”.

As a casual “Call of Duty” player – I skipped “Black Ops” entirely, didn’t finish “MW2” on 360 (suffered through it on PS3) and can’t get too excited about “MW3” – Kotaku’s post indicates a game which builds on the apocalyptic events of the second Modern Warfare title and takes the pitched battles all over the globe. If you heed the Call of Duty each autumn, this would appear to be everything you want, bar your own Predator drone and a moody Hans Zimmer soundtrack backing you as you stride majestically down the precinct on a Friday night.

I do caution you that if you want to go into the game unspoilt, don’t even think about clicking through to Kotaku’s story – assuming that the content is legit, there’s no stone left unturned and pretty much every event in the game’s storyline is laid out.

Everything, dudes – down to Ghost’s ickle bunny slippers. I mean – who knew?


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