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Why Was I Banned?

Cry Havoc and let slip Teh BanHammerZ!

Many joyous Lulz can be yours by reading Why Was I Banned? – in which buffoons protest their Xbox Live bans via the mediums of self-righteous indignation and creatively appalling spelling.

Schadenfreude – not big, not clever, but so very filling…


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Kaz Hirai says “Soz”…

What a nice man. PSN is still not up in Europe, but why not follow @PlayStationEU on Twitter for more up to date info? And be nice – civility costs nothing, wouldn’t you concur?

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PSN – it’s back…

PS3 - It

Beginning overnight (UK time) with a phased restoration rolling out over the United States, Sony have begun the cautious process of restoring access to their Playstation Network online gaming platform, with firmware update 3.61 now available for download.

Once that’s installed on your PS3, it’s a matter of checking back regularly to see if PSN has been switched on for the European territories in which it operates and then following prompts to update your log-in password – if your PS3 profile was activated on a different machine, the password update process involves checking the e-mail address linked to your PSN ID.

Patience is of the essence, here – I downloaded 3.61 quite briskly and installed it overnight, but as I write (10:32am GMT) PSN is still not live. A few more hours really makes next to no difference with this service outage and I would rather rejoin a service which is safer, more robust and fit for purpose than one which is just ripe for the hacking.

There’s a BBC tech story on the new firmware and the outage in general at the BBC News site.

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