An unholy abundance of Van Halen

Online shopping can get confusing...

This stack of discs represents five copies of Van Halen’s “For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge” album, as supplied to me over recent weeks and months by the lovely and confused folks at Amazon shop, Zoverstocks.

The short version of a thus far long story is that I ordered the CD, the copy allocated for despatch to me wasn’t playable, and so a replacement was sent. And then sent again. And then sent – you get the picture. Look! Five copies! I’ll bet Ed and Alex don’t have five copies to hand, that they can form a rudimentary doll’s house from. Ahem…

I’m sending back the pictured copies and I’ll keep you up to date to see if this is the end of my multiple ‘Van Halen/Tribble’ situation or if I end up building an extension to our house made solely out of latter-Van Hagar-era discs. I’d say that stranger things have happened, but this is pretty darned strange all by itself…


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