Heavily Metallic

Since last we spoke, Rupert Murdoch’s once imperious empire has appeared to built on proverbial foundations of sand, E3 has come and gone with only Nintendo’s kooky Wii U console making much of an impression and I’ve only gone and applied to take my driving test. Things, they have been a-happening and no mistake. Perhaps the biggest thing of all to cross my desk over the past few months is helping me fulfill a teenage dream (and not one of the ones that Katy Perry is talking about)…

Iron Maiden are playing in my neck of the woods this week! Huzzah!

Eddie surveys his flock

Eddie surveys his flock...and then eats them

(Live Maiden image via the Minuto HM blog)

Yes, come Sunday evening, I shall be heading along to Sheffield’s glamorous MotorPoint Arena to take in an evening of the finest British metal, with fine support by those Antipodean scamps, Airbourne (who never met an AC/DC record that they didn’t like, and who can really blame them?).

I’ve wanted to see the band since I was a gawky youth and, as an only slightly less gawky adult, I get to join my denim, leather and hoodie-clad brothers and sisters in an evening of communal metal ass kicking. Can’t wait – specially given that this “Final Frontier” tour is using a lot of awesome Science Fiction imagery. #NerdHeadbangerCatnip is the hashtag that I would be using if I used hashtags.

Here’s a review of the Glasgow SECC show from Wednesday, from the Daily Dischord blog.

I’m so excited that this post is being written to the dulcet tones of Blaze Bayley-era Maiden’s “The Sign of The Cross”. Yeah, that excited. Have a Maiden video to be going on with – I’m sure that I shall return in days to come with obnoxious fanboy wittering on the subject of Sunday’s performance, which is something to look forward to…

Woo! Maiden!

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  1. Hi all, I’m Eduardo from Minuto HM’s blog. Thanks for helping spreading the info. Unfortunately, this image and the others were just false rumors, as we could see when the Final Frontier Tour started…

    Anyway, what a fantastic concept they were, weren’t they?

    Cheers from Minuto HM, Brazil.

    [ ] ‘ s,


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