Cultural Activities, for the week commencing 15/08/2011

Thrash Lives!

Yep, that Rachel Weisz post certainly did it’s job – more traffic than I’ve had in months, just from a picture of a gorgeous lady in a red dress. Some things just work, huh?

Time for some more Cultural Activities, whilst we reflect on the ethicacy of blatant traffic trolling…

Like, say, Huddersfield’s finest Thrash revival metallurgists, Evile. Having enjoyed their tune “Thrasher” on my hols, I thought that I would pick up Earache’s reissue of their debut, “Enter The Grave”. Which, in addition to the regular album, contains three bonus tracks, an extra DVD of which features the album played live in rehearsal, interviews, live material shot on a European show with Megadeth, recording session footage and the band playing “Thrasher” on Rock Band. And a guitar pick. And a fabric patch (for my imaginary battle jacket, which I don’t own). All in a neat digipack.

It’s a damn good package, and I look forward to exploring more modern-day thrash – thinking about going to see Evile in Sheffield later this Autumn. Not sure that I fancy braving the circle, though.

Greatest Living Canadians, eh?

Also on the cards for this week is “Beyond The Lighted Stage”, Sam Dunn and Scott McFadyen’s 2010 documentary about Canadian prog legends, Rush.

Having loved “Metal: A Headbanger’s Journey” and “Flight 666”, I feel confident that I will enjoy the merry heck out of this latest in Dunn and McFadyen’s documentary series.

Tunes you can whistle, 1970’s hair that you can chortle at – what more could you want?

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