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New Steel Panther tune – still rocking, hopefully still taking the pish…

Sheer ironic brilliance or crass, spandex-clad buffoons?

Where is the line between ironic commentary on sexist attitudes and wink-wink tacit endorsement of said unreconstructed chauvinism? Not sure – can you mock boorishness by being boorish or does any usage of this line of argument, this ‘fighting fire with fire’ attitude, however well-intentioned, inevitably end up endorsing attitudes instead of challenging them?

Yep, there’s a new Steel Panther song online. I’m stuck between admiring the pitch-perfect homage to Eighties Hair Metal and being slightly troubled by the absurdly sexist lyrics. Lyrics which, it must be said, are underpinned by an undeniable wit and sense of parody – and spend just enough time poking fun at the absurd shortcomings of the male ego to perhaps balance the uber-male tomfoolery going on in the songs for the rest of the time.

I have to admit that I’m loving this song, but I wonder just how many people (and by people, I mean to say young male metalheads) hear this stuff and don’t get the parodic subtext or the referentiality inherent in the band’s mock-biography (though nowhere near old enough to have been part of the LA scene at the time, the band’s biog claims that their musical career began in 1988).

I spend enough time on my blog hoping that people see beyond the surface of things and get to grips with ideas which might lurk under the surface of pop culture, so you might hope that I can extend a band like Steel Panther the benefit of the doubt when it comes to their intentions.

You never had to worry this much with David Lee Roth…

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The stupidity – it burns!

Plays music, does not induce middle-aged dudes to run wildly amok in NYC...

Are we still doing this? Really?

New York businessmen in the Bronx are apparently utterly terrified that next month’s Big Four show in NYC will, by process of osmosis, induce any concert-goer attending to rape, pillage and generally behave like a disgruntled sports fan after a lost championship game. Blabbermouth has more.

Firstly, as pointed out by numerous blogs in the last few days, Thrash’s Big Four (Metallica, Slayer, Anthrax and Megadeth) hardly pull the kind of crowds who are likely to break shizz. Getting ticked off about not being able to park the Minivan – yes. Breaking stuff, a-la The Durst? Nah.

Secondly, the examples of fans rioting in Chile and Columbia are hardly the stuff of indicative comparison. Metalheads are generally peaceable folk – suburban American metalheads are more likely to be more worried about ringing the babysitter to let them know that they’ll be back a little later than planned than they are about pitching bricks through a small businessperson’s front window. Hell, these guys are likely to be the owners of small businesses. We’re talking taxpayers, here, not fricking vikings.

Thirdly, if you’ve spent the best part of a hundred dollars for the cheapest seats in Yankee stadium, I don’t imagine that you’re going to want to spend your evening in the cells after kicking off in the streets afterwards.

I say again – it’s 2011 – are we still abiding by these cretinous stereotypes about music fans?

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