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Portals and Lies

Via the mind of film maker Dan Trachtenberg comes a short film set in Valve’s “Portal” universe which outpoints many uber-budget summer studio flicks and makes me wonder why some kind of bespoke, “KickStarter”-like fund isn’t out there to help DIY film makers to craft crazy-awesome, niche-market, vid-game-inspired fare like this short and make a living doing it.

Oh, the copyright thing, yeah…

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Rachel Weisz Wednesdays (any old excuse)

The eyes - they follow you!

Playing shortly at the Toronto International Film Festival, and on the international Film Fest circuit thereafter, is David Hare’s spy drama, “Page Eight”.

I mention this mainly because I will be watching this film on Sunday night, in my living room, thanks to the unique awesome sauce and idiosyncrasy of the BBC, who funded the film and are playing it on BBC 2 this weekend. What larks!

And, for a change, it’s not only the luminescence of La Weisz which recommends this drama, as Bill Nighy stars alongside fellow Potterists Michael Gambon and Ralph Fiennes, Judy Davis and Ewen Bremner.

We’re talking thesped, people. Seriously thesped.

And, as is my tradition, here’s a splendid picture of Rachel looking nifty on the September 2011 issue of the Wall Street Journal’s magazine, traced via the kind bounty of FashionEtc.com

Via FashionEtc.com

Context? What is this thing you call ‘context’?

My thoughts on “Page Eight”, should there be any reason at all that you might care for them, will be with you anon…

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A century of positivity

For my hundredth post it seems appropriate to reflect on finding the positive things in life, even when, like me, you’re a glass-half-full sort of person.

To whit – screenwriter Sean Hood, via Nikki Finke’s Deadline, manages to find something good in the mostly bad news surrounding last week’s not wholly successful opening bow for Marcus Nispel’s reboot of “Conan the Barbarian”. Not wholly successful? This blog made more money last Saturday. Yikes…

Hood’s take on this – essentially, you do good work, some of it might get used, and by Friday night you know whether it was worth blindly working like a Trojan for two to three years – is book-ended by a great anecdote concerning his musician father which induced an actual sense of good cheer in me after reading it.

You never know when your hard work will pay off, so it’s probably a good idea to not let the annoyances of life define your attitude and worldview – good things can happen, despite a nay-saying vocal minority who would have you believe that everything sucks.

Hark at me, Mr Positivity!

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