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Rock, in dispatches…

Missed a day yesterday – sorry for that, couldn’t be helped.  I was sitting my driving test earlier today and needed to get some practice in before heading into the unknown.  In the end it helped, but I didn’t pass first time – I will redouble my efforts and pass on my second attempt.

Being away for a day has meant that I missed the news about Rush signing to Roadrunner Records in Europe – talk about your actual, factual coups.  Is there a band that I like which isn’t on that label?  Blimey.  Their first release for Roadrunner is said to be a live record culled from gigs on the Time Machine tour, with a studio record to follow in the first part of 2012.

From the “Pot? It’s Kettle – You’re Black” file comes Motley Crue front man Vince Neil’s assertion that longevity in Rock ‘n’ Roll is only achieved by growing up.

The Tattoos I get, not so much with the Tequila...

Vince Neil, ladies and gentlemen.  It’s a miracle he’s even alive to muse upon why the Crue made it and the likes of Warrant’s Jani Lane didn’t.

Metal Injection, meanwhile, is one of several blogs reporting the Ryan Adams cover of Iron Maiden’s “Wasted Years”, as recently performed on BBC Radio Two, here in the UK.  An excellent cover of a classic song rendered anew – I thought that I’d miss Steve Harris’ rampaging bass line but I really don’t.  It’s a perfect treatment of the song.


Lastly, and possibly leastly, comes the news that professional irritant Shia LaBeouf and Iconoclastic Goth Provocateur Marilyn Manson have joined forces for Manson’s new video, “Born Villain”.  LaBeouf directs, Manson poses and it’s all very shocking indeed if you haven’t been online in the last fifteen years.  Oh, my hair turned white, so it did, upon seeing the amazing scenes of depravity depicted within.

One of these men is a tool. The other one is Marilyn Manson.

Not sure what LaBeouf is getting out of this collaboration, but if it stops him making being Michael Bay’s audience stand-in, everybody wins.


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