Rock, In Dispatches – Friday 2nd September 2011

Another day, another round-up of rock stories which I missed… report that Finnish/Swedish Symphonic Metal combo Nightwish will release their new single, “Storytime” on November 11th, with album “Imaginaerum” following soon thereafter.  In a move which fellow European act Within Temptation also adopted on their latest album, a film will accompany the release of the record.

Nightwish, at the office, yesterday.

Can somebody just hook Peter Jackson up with some Rhapsody of Fire records and get this whole ‘Band/Album/Film’ idea done properly?

Metal Hammer, meanwhile, reports on the upcoming Metallica/Lou Reed collaboration, “Lulu”, having artwork, viz –

Metallica and Lou Reed, together at last.

That somewhat unexpected and highly anticipated partnership sees the fruits of its labours released on October 31st.  Genuinely interested to hear what this meeting of minds produces.

It’s Lars’ idea, isn’t it?

Metal Sucks, meanwhile, reports that the recent Sony PIAS warehouse fire during the London riots may have acted as cover for a planned heist of the building’s contents of millions of CD’s and DVD’s.

Not content with stealing music, now the buggers want to torch the legitimate stuff, too...

Which reminds us, of course, that if you go through life and have a low opinion of your fellow citizens they will do their level best to live up that standard by doing things like this.

And, finally, proof positive that Foo Fighters have become a very big band indeed – reports that the Westboro Baptist Church are picketing them.




Rocking your face since 1981, muthatruckers...

As always, be careful out there…


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