New Rock releases, September 5th 2011

Slim pickings this week, folks, but there are some releases of note – not the least of which being UK rockers Rise to Remain‘s debut album, “City of Vultures”.

"City of Vultures"

Bit metalcore, bit just plain noisy – bit good.

From new noisemakers to a band who are compartive old hands at the metal game – Canadian quartet, Kittie, who release their sixth album “I’ve Failed You” today.

"I've Failed You"

Brit rockers Anathema release their latest, “Falling Deeper” today and occupy an odd space somewhere ‘twixt Alt-Rock, Prog and Classic Rock.

"Falling Deeper"

Lastly, in this round-up of CD’s which go “RAWK!” comes the latest release from Rage Against The Machine guitarist Tom Morello’s side project, The Nightwatchman“World Wide Rebel Songs”.

"World Wide Rebel Songs"

A fine selection of tunes you can whistle.  Or not.

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