Space Marine – the reviews are in…nearly.

I’m fairly straight-ahead in my love for the (literary) side of the “Warhammer 40K” universe – I haven’t had the opportunity to try out the table-top strategy game, but I’m all about the expanded universe of this uniquely British and pleasingly insane Science Fiction universe thanks to a crash-course in Dan Abnett, Aaron Dembski-Bowden and the Black Library’s stable of writers.

I respectfully disgree with the honourable member for Orktonia - eat Chainsword!

It is with some trepidation and eagerness, then, that I approach the reviews for the imminent Relic/THQ “Space Marine” third-person action game, which marks the series’ first time on consoles, after the toe in the digital waters which was the downloadable “Kill Team” title from a few months ago.

The first review that I’ve looked at was from the US wing of “PC Gamer” and the master race have pronounced it fun, with some provisos.  I’m not one for review aggregators, but Metacritic’s analysis of reviews on the Xbox 360 side of things gives it a wholly numerical 8.0 user score but no reviews from critics – as the embargo is still to be lifted.  My beloved curmudgeons at Eurogamer, meanwhile, give it a solid but unspectacular 6 out of 10. And Tom Bramwell’s review is a master class in fairness – he has reservations, he’s a fan of the universe and he’s honest with the games shortcomings even as he acknowledges it’s strengths.

Bolter-based aggressive negotiations for the win...

I’m sold on the game after spending an extended amount of time smiting Orks in the recent Xbox 360 demo – let’s just hope that enough people pick up this initial salvo and allow Relic and THQ to make further entries in the series.

A “Gaunt’s Ghosts” game? Yes please….




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