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Modern Warfare 3, domain-squatting trolls 0

Joystiq has news on the case which offered chuckles aplenty earlier this year – “Battlefield”-loving trolls domain-squatted the URL for ModernWarfare3.com and redirected visitors to sites pushing the Autumn’s other huge military FPS,EA/Dice’s “Battlefield 3”.

A meeting of "Battlefield" domain trolls, yesterday...

Inevitably, Activision have regained use of the domain although the pranksters involved appear to have a hold on ModernWarfare4.com for future yucks and giggles.

(Spoilers) Shooty-shooty, bang-bang! (Spoilers)

As both games will doubtless sell by the proverbial boatload, I doubt that anybody at Activision is really worried by this outbreak of digital merry pranksterism.

Bang-bang! With some additional shooty-shooty!

The question is, perhaps, this – just how much of a dent can “Battlefield 3” make in the millions of sales that “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3” will enjoy this November?  Is the “Battlefield 3” hype train a lot of noise that can’t derail the “COD” juggernaut?  Or is the “COD” series due for the periodic sales adjustment that most ongoing series experience at some point in their history?

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“Back to the Future Part II’s future Nikes are almost here…

I don't care if I look like a buffoon - I look like a buffoon who looks like Marty McFly! (via Wired)

If you’ve ever wanted to sport Nike shoes like those sported by Michael J. Fox in “Back to the Future Part II”, Slash Gear have some tantalising news for you…

We may not have jet packs or flying cars yet,  but this is frankly the next best thing.

If you’ll please excuse me, I need to take a long lie-down in a quiet room…

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Max Payne shoots down your front door in March 2012

He's back and his overly-florid inner monologue is PISSED...

Still waiting for some news on Rockstar Games’ PS3 exclusive, “Agent”?  Yeah, me too.  The good news according to VG24/7 is that another Rockstar game is actually being released –  “Max Payne 3 has escaped the internal Rockstar when it’s done” approval process and is finally due out in March 2012.  Here’s a poster to tide you over until that rumoured October gameplay reveal shows it’s hand…

Would sir like blood with his blood?

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“Dead Island” – today’s random controversy…

Polish developer Techland managed to raise awareness of their upcoming zombie RPG, “Dead Island”, to feverish levels of anticipation earlier this year when they released THAT trailer.

People with modern haircuts and designer glasses were falling over themselves to heap praise on Scottish animation studio Axis’ work on the teaser trailer, which managed to make an honest-to-goodness video game a topic of discussion for people who would never dream of picking up a controller and melee-attacking the undead in a balletic swirl of viscera.

Is there any such thing as bad press?

The odd whisper about how much the trailer represented the end content of the game has surfaced in the weeks preceding this Friday’s actual release of the game – not much, you’ll be staggered to learn – and today’s games blog Eurogamer is tracking a story about a line of code in the PC game uncovered by Steam users which referenced a now-deleted character attribute with the charming title ‘Feminist Whore‘ – which gave the game’s sole female character an added damage bonus when attacking male protagonists.

There are better package holidays available online...

Cue much predictable backtracking from the developer and much hand-wringing as to the inappropriate title and the line of code’s erroneous presence in the PC build – which, you may recall from stories earlier this week, has already been the source of forum ire when it turned out that Steam had been mistakenly presented with an Xbox 360 dev build by Techland in lieu of, you know, a PC version.

That storm in a teacup will be averted by a suitably huge patch on release this Friday but the frequency of stories relating to the game makes me wonder if controversy is being used to divert attention away from some not terribly brilliant review scores now online – the Xbox 360 Metacritic is currently 72, PC is 81 and PS3 stands at 73.

Not, then, necessarily a game experience which rivals “The Walking Dead” in telling a compelling tale about post-Zombie uprising survival but hopefully something which takes the eccentricities inherent in many European Dev houses and manages to port that off-kilter sensibility to a console game.  If any of the PC game weirdness has survived the trip to the home systems, I’ll be a happy gamer.


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