Modern Warfare 3, domain-squatting trolls 0

Joystiq has news on the case which offered chuckles aplenty earlier this year – “Battlefield”-loving trolls domain-squatted the URL for and redirected visitors to sites pushing the Autumn’s other huge military FPS,EA/Dice’s “Battlefield 3”.

A meeting of "Battlefield" domain trolls, yesterday...

Inevitably, Activision have regained use of the domain although the pranksters involved appear to have a hold on for future yucks and giggles.

(Spoilers) Shooty-shooty, bang-bang! (Spoilers)

As both games will doubtless sell by the proverbial boatload, I doubt that anybody at Activision is really worried by this outbreak of digital merry pranksterism.

Bang-bang! With some additional shooty-shooty!

The question is, perhaps, this – just how much of a dent can “Battlefield 3” make in the millions of sales that “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3” will enjoy this November?  Is the “Battlefield 3” hype train a lot of noise that can’t derail the “COD” juggernaut?  Or is the “COD” series due for the periodic sales adjustment that most ongoing series experience at some point in their history?

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