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Want to buy “Space Marine” in the UK from Steam? Yeah, about that…

Preventing UK PC gamers from buying titles via Steam?

Eurogamer are running a story about UK video games retailer Game which really pits my cherries.

Game previously went on the offensive against the growing array of online PC games services which allow consumers to digitally download titles direct to their terrifying, power-guzzling, £4,000 gaming rigs of death – this is a very bad thing in Game’s eyes.

It stops punters from trudging down to the UK high street on a Friday and paying more than the recommended price for a boxed copy of a game that most users will install once and then never use again.  Direct download also prevents shop staff from pushing pre-orders on you at the till and asking you if you have any games that you’d like to trade in.  Direct download bad – bricks and mortar good.

Game’s ire with this digital era now appears to have prevented THQ from releasing “Space Marine” via the UK wing of Steam in line with the boxed copies in stores and the 360/PS3 SKU’s which are in stores this weekend.

Can anybody explain to me how it’s good for consumers to have retailers tell us where and when we can buy products?   Because that seems like anti-competitive, consumer-disadvantaging corporate shizz to me.

But hey – I’m only one guy.  I’m sure that Game have great reasons for the policy which they may or may not be pursuing in regard to the inevitable digital future.

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Wanting those “Back to the Future part II” Nikes?

Topless Robot has a story today on the “Back to the Future part II” Nikes and reading it makes for a mixed bag.

Sweet kicks, bro!

The bad news is that you’re probably not going to be able to buy them – but there’s an excellent reason for that.

The shoes are a limited run and are only available via auction, with 150 pairs a day being auctioned for 10 days on eBay, to benefit Michael J. Fox’s Parkinson’s charity.

You can’t really argue with that – but how about reissuing them after a decent interval and making them more widely available – and throw some of the cash at Fox’s charity?

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Dream Theater – new album now streaming

Complex rhythms? Check. Solos, solos, solos? Check. Beards? Beards?

Just so as you know – Progressive Metal uber-lords Dream Theater are streaming their first, Mike Portnoy-less album, “A Dramatic Turn of Events” at this Roadrunner Records site, here.

It was being hammered when I went to it, but you may have more luck.  And, you know, actually hear something, perhaps…






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Wii U? No can do.

And lo - there were tech site naysayers. And verily did their stories confuddle the masses...

Kotaku are reporting a story via French blog 01Net which suggests that their forthcoming Wii U console is having…problems.

As in, ‘machine not working – spec not up to snuff – it’s a ruddy disaster-in-the-making’-type problems.  Which, as I’m sure you can appreciate, is kind of an issue.

FUBAR hardware release shooting for a release window that it isn’t ready to hit or disgruntled third-party devs talking shizz about Nintendo as per?


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New Video – Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

Too near "Mass Effect 3"...too near "Mass Effect 3"...too near "Mass Effect 3"...

Big Huge Games and 38 Studios RPG, “Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning” is out in February 2012 and Joystiq has a 22 minute walk through video to share with us on this fine Friday.

Customisation is highlighted early on, the fantasy settings are as pleasingly classic you might expect (Hark! A woodland dell!  And gloomy subterranean dungeons!) but the tweaks and idiosyncrasy (somebody’s been playing “Assassin’s Creed”) in some the game play aspects on display have me cautiously optimistic but resolutely ready to pounce on this game firing my +8 arrows of icy snark the minute that I see a crappy internet video.

Yep, still a nerd.

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