Game Faces!

For the Emperor!

Well, that’s my weekend sorted, folks.  A quick trip out to Sheffield’s Meadowhall shopping mall this morning netted me a copy of “Space Marine” on 360, with a free copy of “White Dwarf” magazine chucked in by the good people at Gamestation.  Good people who promoting this week’s release of “Dead Island” by being dressed up in zombie finery.

...or the monthly Games Workshop catalogue, as detractors would have it known.

People in retail work damn hard, folks – if you have occasion to deal with somebody dressed as a member of the recently undead this weekend, be nice to them.  They have feelings too.  Or they did, when they were alive.

It’s going to be “Space Marine”, 40K books and sitting with my feet up this weekend until “Doctor Who” tonight. Whatever gifts nerdery are giving you this weekend, may they pay off for you bountifully.


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