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Games in brief – Wednesday 14th September 2011

Fancy some quick hits?

Codemasters are to shut the developer of their recent, not especially popular FPS, “Bodycount”, Codemasters Guildford, as Joystiq’s story notes.

Don't get your hopes up for a sequel...

‘Bomba’, as the indoors kids on NeoGaf would probably say.  It’s a shame, for sure, as initial game key developer Stuart Black certainly talked a good game about his hopes for the title – see this Guardian games blog interview from last year.   Codies now intend to focus on the genre which they’ve been synonymous with in this generation – racing.  So much for publishers and developers being able to branch out in the games industry.

Must.have."Golden Abyss"...Must.have."Golden Abyss"...Must.have."Golden Abyss"...Must.have."Golden Abyss"...Must.have."Golden Abyss"...

Sony’s Tokyo Game Show conference had more on Vita – there’s an archive of Eurogamer’s live blog here, which seems to have gone over better than Nintendo’s did – no calamitous stock drops reported for Sony yet.   We’re getting a “Final Fantasy 10” remake for Vita and PS3, “Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3” for Vita and Kojima strongly hinted at “Metal Gear Solid” and “Zone of the Enders” HD collections also heading to the new Sony handheld.  And the Vita’s Japanese release date is confirmed for December 17th, per a story over at VG247.com.  The western launch is planned for some time nebulous and non-specific in 2012.

In which monsters are slain and Street Pass friends are made...

Finally, Joystiq also has a trailer for the upcoming 3DS title, “Monster Hunter 4: Just Take The Yen Directly Out Of Our Bank Accounts, Now, Why Don’t You, Capcom and Nintendo?” (working title).

See – it’s a heady gaming world and no mistake.



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