Matt Smith interviews Karen Gillan. Mentalism, predictably, ensues.

Dynamic duo? Gruesome twosome? Motley Crew?

Via the nice folks at SFX, here’s an interview between Matt & Karen, with guessable giddiness present and correct.

In related news, Karen won best actress and the show won best family drama at the TV Choice Awards 2011 on Tuesday night.   Lovely David Tennant also won an acting gong for his role in “Single Father”.

Have another picture of Karen for your troubles – hey, traffic is traffic.

If I were Go Fug Yourself, we would be having words about that frock, but I'm not and it's quite nice...

Is that a beard on David's face or are there some Symbiote host-type alien shenanigans going on?

Pics via those TV Choice listings mags folks – I swear that I don’t know who most of the people in the Awards Gallery were.  But then, I don’t watch reality shows, wouldn’t know Waterloo Road if I drove onto it and genuinely fear Keith Lemon.

150th post?  Didn’t know that I had it in me…

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