“Portal” is free…

I'm making a note here/Huge Success...

I saw this via the Hot UK Deals forum but Eurogamer have a story on it also – ace PC Sci-Fi puzzler, “Portal” is free on Steam until 20th September.  If you have a Steam client installed on your PC, fire it up and go to the link to get it free…

In which sabres are lighted and wookies and jedis sometimes love each other very much...

Not free, but flipping cheap this weekend – a bunch of cheaper “Star Wars” PC games to celebrate the Blu-Ray release of George Lucas’ pension plan.  “Knights of the Old Republic”  for £3.49 – that is a steal.

Hey, it's that bloke from "Mad Men" - only all digital...

There’s also a nifty deal on “LA Noire” – the Hot UK Deals link will get you the game new on 360 or PS3 for £19.99 from Gamestation (Game are apparently also doing the same deal).

Ludicrous deal of the week – if you’ve already beaten “Dead Island”, HMV are offering “Gears of War 3” for £1.99 if you trade in “Dead Island” before September 25th.  This is in-store and I believe that some stores also give you some extra credit if you have HMV’s ‘Re/Play’ app installed on your smartphone and present it when trading in your game.

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