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Metallica/Lou Reed – fancy a listen?

Blabbermouth have a whole 28 seconds of the much-awaited collaboration between Metallica and Lou Reed for you to listen to.

Die, die, die! Waiting for your man.


Surprisingly, it sounds like Metallica jamming with Lou Reed.   Funny, that.


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Rolling Eyeballs

Mrs Rolling Eyeballs has started blogging again – huzzah!

Let there be Bramble and Apple pie!

Allow her to regale you with tales of her year and the yummy pie pictured above.  And, verily, shall there be competition over whom gets to use the laptop first and whether WordPress is more kick ass than Blogger (WordPress, fo’ shizz).


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Canned “Avengers” game – leaked footage online

There’s footage online of the now-cancelled “Avengers” game which THQ Melbourne was working on before it was shuttered as part of THQ’s recent rationalisation.

Sleeveless tank tops on Norse Gods are so hot right now...

Weirdly, the early assets shown seem to indicate that the game was a first-person action brawler in the mode of “Zeno Clash”, which I certainly wouldn’t have expected the game to be.  Which perhaps illustrates why it isn’t being published.

WouldYouKindly.com has a story with some concept art, too.

Sega’s shameful “Iron Man” games had little to recommend them – perhaps the most than can be said for this game is that it at least looked to subvert some of our expectations…

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“Doctor Who” – wholly unrevealing Christmas special location pics online…

He hasn't gone yet, but he will be back at Christmas.

The “Doctor Who” Christmas special is apparently filming now and Wales Online has a gallery of pics – nothing too remarkable to see, but Claire Skinner appears to be in it, garbed in what Mrs Rolling Eyeballs believes to be attire from the early 1930’s.

Which backs up “Who” show runner/genius Steven Moffatt’s previous assertions that the episode might have a period setting, if nothing else – now to figure out which classic Christmas story it riffs on.  After last year’s sterling effort, it has a lot to live up to…

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Sony’s new PSN terms and conditions – WTF?

Sony have updated their terms and conditions for using their free, PSN gaming service.  A common occurrence, of course, and you’re always advised to have a read of what you’re signing up to when you agree to use any service – it’s a contract, after all.

Sony's new terms and conditions suggest that the Cyberpunk Corporate Future is upon us...

This time around, Sony have taken complete leave of their senses and now wish to compel you as a consumer to legally waive the right to sue them if they, for example, lose all of your consumer data when hackers compromise their database due to apparently lax security.

Bitterwallet have a story on this – it makes for great reading, especially as it would appear that their new terms and conditions are legally unenforceable in Europe.


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