“Homefront 2” – it’s happening

Despite selling a little less than they might have liked it to, THQ are pressing ahead with a second game in their “Homefront” series, this time developed by some blokes down the road from me, as detailed by those nice Eurogamer chaps.

“Homefront 2” is due in fiscal year 2014, from the dudes who brought you “Timesplitters”

Down the road meaning Nottingham, and the dudes in question are Crytek UK – who were previously Free Radical and responsible for the awesome “Timesplitters” series and the less well-regarded PS3 exclusive, “Haze”.

The game’s due sometime between April 2013 and March 2014. ¬†Not played the first game – I confess, the John Milius, patriotism rah-rah-rah! factor put me off somewhat. ¬†Perhaps this time around, we might venture outside the confines of the US to see how the world is reacting to the global meltdown?

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