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Doctor Who Christmas Special 2011

Another Doctor Who post - who knew?

So, SFX broke the news yesterday and the BBC’s official “Doctor Who” site made it official – filming is well under way on the 2011 Christmas special and details of the storyline have been released to boot.

It’s set during World War II, the dreaded name ‘Narnia’ has been been banded about and an Ice-based (but not Ice Warrior) villain hinted at.  It’s as Christmassy as it can possibly be, according to the Moff, and will guest star Claire Skinner, Bill Bailey, Arabella Weir and Alexander Armstrong.

Bill Bailey - Lord of Rock. And time, clearly.

Expect big things if last year’s excellent special is any indicator.

(Post now re-written, on a proper computer, not a jumped-up iPod with pain-in-the-butt cut-and-paste issues -Cheers, unsatisfactory, Apple-based technologies).

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Lacuna Coil – new album in January 2012

Italy's finest purveyors of melancholic, neo-Goth, Shimmering Metal awesomeness.

Per the nice people at Metal Hammer, Lacuna Coil’s new album “Dark Adrenaline” releases on January 23rd 2012, which will make the experience of seeing them on November 4 in Sheffield interesting if they decide to front-load the set with new songs…


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Midweek Meal Madness!

Over at Mrs Rolling Eyeballs’ blog, it’s tea time and you know that you’re hungry.

Potsticker dumplings, prawns, rice and a delicious array of veggies to chow down on.

Go. There. Now.

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Gears of War 3 – Cliff speaks!

Sir Clifford Bleszinski, architect of active-reloaded mayhem and badassery...

As part of what I may retrospectively title “Gears of War 3” week, here’s a link to Aisha Tyler’s excellent “Girl on Guy” podcast, which this week features Dude Huge himself, Epic Games design director Cliff Bleszinski.

The “Gears” awesome?  It is overflowing.  Look at all that juice!

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Game Transfer Phenomena

Eurogamer reports today on Game Transfer Phenomena – the latest academic attempt to draw a causal line between our behaviour in our everyday lives and the influence which art and popular culture can have upon it.

Is this real life?

For the most part this is fairly benevolent stuff – people wanting the “Half-Life 2” gravity gun to get something far off and bring it closer, a gamer who wanted to use “Prince of Persia”s time-rewind mechanic to pick up a dropped item.  Who hasn’t idly entertained such notions?

Leave it to the frigging douches at the Daily Mail to arrive at the most negative positive interpretation of the study (you can Google it if you like, as I don’t want to give those asinine ass-clowns the benefit of even one click-through to justify their existence).

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