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When James Cameron met Disney…

…they didn’t agree to make that hard R-rated ‘Mech Minnie Mouse’ movie we’ve all been waiting for. ¬†Shame.

I await the 'Big Mech vs Navi Knife Fight' simulator with barely surprised glee.

In principle, though, they have agreed to incorporate “Avatar”¬†themed attractions into Disney’s suite of theme parks, per this story on Topless Robot.

As you might have guessed, James Cameron is hinting that flight will play a big part in the attraction – due in 2016, after “Avatar 2” and a third movie have appeared in cinemas (the first sequel is due in 2014).

I’m not part of the target demographic for this – unless Disney up and decide to build an attraction in South Yorkshire, there’s almost no chance in Hell that I will ever experience this thing – but I’m sure that spending all day queueing with sugared-up, blue face-painted kids for five minutes of 3D motion simulator ride goodness is not a recipe for madness but, instead, A Really Good Thing To Do.

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“Enslaved 2”? Not any time soon

We kind of knew that a sequel was unlikely – mixed reception, low sales, the fact that it doesn’t have ‘Modern Warfare’ in the title – but Ninja Theory’s head Tameem Antoniades has confirmed that “Enslaved 2” isn’t happening.

One of this generation's most underrated titles - buy if for cheap - now!

Developers Ninja Theory are now busily beavering away on their divisive “Devil May Cry” reboot (click the link for the most recent trailer from Tokyo Game Show), but the plan was for the successful launch of “Enslaved” to allow Ninja Theory to staff up and run two teams – one working on “DMC”, the other making a sequel to their own IP.

What Ninja Theory did next...

More on this story at Eurogamer and in the latest issue of Edge magazine.



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