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Kindle Fire – but not in the UK.

Amazon have announced their tablet, then.  Which is very nice if you live in the US and slightly less interesting if you live in Europe.

How very unexpected.

Tech company covert the business of middle class Americans. News at eleven.

The Guardian has full, live-blog goodness from the big reveal (new, ad-supported Kindle for £89) but the upshot of the press conference announcement is a $199, 7″ screen tablet,shipping on November 15, which is so utterly married to Amazon’s US-only Cloud services that you won’t be able to buy one outside the States. Yet.

Really nice, but not available in Europe until much, much later.

Cue lots of people either Bundleboxing the Kindle Fire for giggles and getting their VPN on or deciding to give Apple’s iPad their Tablet business.  Which is perhaps not the result that Jeff Bezos intended…


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“Dead Island” – the movie (of the trailer)

In a move which either spells creative bankruptcy or a refreshing belief in the possibility of an adaptation far exceeding the quality of the original source material, film studio Lionsgate have announced plans to adapt developer Techland and publisher Deep Silver’s hit Zombie RPG “Dead Island”.


...you can check in, but you'll never leave.

With horror form in the shape of the “Saw” franchise at least Lionsgate are unlikely to get the genre jitters with marketing the end result if it actually goes into production, but it’s a topic of debate online as to which “Dead Island” we’ll be seeing at the multiplex.

The evocative, haunting horror tone poem of THAT trailer?  Or the slightly shonky, fairly broken shambling corpse of a game which the trailer had the slight misfortune to have advertised (honestly, trailer, you could do so much better than this game.  Have you considered perhaps advertising a Bioware game?  Something from Valve, perhaps?).

If Lionsgate’s film-makers go the literal route and adapt the game, expect dodgy voice acting, mental pop-in aplenty and the film to crash mid-way through the running time.  Not that the PC version is bugged beyond hilarity or anything, of course…

I kid, of course.  The DVD will explode in your player instead and kill you (it’s a +5 melee weapon…).

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“Doctor Who Confidential” – survived Daleks & Cybermen, killed by BBC cuts

Still, at least "Hotter Than My Daughter" got the chop, too...

SFX has sad news for Whovians – “Doctor Who Confidential” has undergone its last regeneration – the BBC have cancelled it with effect from the end of this series.

What am I supposed to do after “Doctor Who” episodes now?  Talk to people? Do productive things? A pox on this absurdity!

Citing a 20% cut in budgets across the BBC, controller Zai Bennett is focussing the smaller pot of cash available to the corporation on ‘post-watershed, original commissions’.  Perhaps my media-speak is a little rusty – doesn’t that usually translate as ‘cheap, schlocky tat’?   Can we be brave enough to hope for several more series along the lines of Snog, Marry, Avoid’, only more crass?  Are there enough former members of Atomic Kitten available to front such peerless examples of quality television?  Or must we – gulp – go down the Steps route…

I, for one, will miss “Confidential”.  It did a great job of taking you behind the scenes of the best show on television, showing you all aspects of the production process and even showed you just how terrifying the idea of Karen Gillan learning to drive really is.

A nation (of picky, slightly grumpy nerds) salutes…


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