“Doctor Who Confidential” – survived Daleks & Cybermen, killed by BBC cuts

Still, at least "Hotter Than My Daughter" got the chop, too...

SFX has sad news for Whovians – “Doctor Who Confidential” has undergone its last regeneration – the BBC have cancelled it with effect from the end of this series.

What am I supposed to do after “Doctor Who” episodes now?  Talk to people? Do productive things? A pox on this absurdity!

Citing a 20% cut in budgets across the BBC, controller Zai Bennett is focussing the smaller pot of cash available to the corporation on ‘post-watershed, original commissions’.  Perhaps my media-speak is a little rusty – doesn’t that usually translate as ‘cheap, schlocky tat’?   Can we be brave enough to hope for several more series along the lines of Snog, Marry, Avoid’, only more crass?  Are there enough former members of Atomic Kitten available to front such peerless examples of quality television?  Or must we – gulp – go down the Steps route…

I, for one, will miss “Confidential”.  It did a great job of taking you behind the scenes of the best show on television, showing you all aspects of the production process and even showed you just how terrifying the idea of Karen Gillan learning to drive really is.

A nation (of picky, slightly grumpy nerds) salutes…



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