When customer service goes bad…

Enjoy the dole queue, boys...

Bitterwallet, my very favourite consumer blog, have a quite wonderful story today which may very well cause you to fall off the sofa as you read it.

It concerns a Melbourne clothing boutique, staggering levels of bad customer service and epic, deluded levels of self-importance when the store in question was called out on their shortcomings.  An excerpt from the letter that this soon-to-go-out-of-business store wrote to their aggrieved customer?  Why, certainly…

“Insofar as our employee goes; Similar to our product offerings, our employees are selected with a similar approach. Chris whom served you is a qualified stylist whom has a sixth sense for fashion, and Chris’s only problem is that he is too good at what he does, and as I am sure you are aware, people whom are talented, generally do not tolerate having their time wasted, which is the reason you were provoked to leave the store”.

More awesome stupidity over at Bitterwallet.

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