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“Batman – Arkham City” review – it’s a bit good.

This is my city. It's like somebody forgot to pay the electric bill, isn't it?

Those eagle-eyed scouts at NeoGaf have made a thread, so it must be true – Australian Official Playstation magazine have reviewed the eagerly-awaited “Batman – Arkham City” and given the game a euphoric 10 out of 10.


The ArkhamCity.co.uk forum also report on German magazine Play3 (game play video here) running a cover story next week – the online consensus on the translated magazine preview copy is that this is a 92% game.

Batman - caped crusader or mardy bum?

So, if I take down the last two chapters of “WH 40K: Space Marine”, turbo through “Gears 3” and find some spare cash down the back of several sofas, I should be in a good place to pick up “Arkham City” after I beat the first “Batman” game.

And breathe…

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To Demo or not to Demo

Being a developer isn’t always the heady whirl of exotic sports cars, trophy girlfriends and free-flowing cash that many gamers believe that it is.

Consider the fate of last year’s cancelled sports simulation, “NBA Elite 11”.

The Lakers ineffectual new defence puzzled some fans...

Kotaku this weekend has a fine piece in their sports-game focussed ‘Stick Jockey’ feature on the problems inherent in releasing a demo for a yearly sports game .

Any glitch in a build which doesn’t necessarily reflect the quality of the end product is writ large and potentially the subject of keen attention by a fan base which is noted for the voraciousness of its passion and intensity of its scrutiny.  Basically not the people who will be quiet about flaws in your product or minor kinks in the production process which may have been ironed out already.

Well worth a read if you’re currently on the fence about picking up “FIFA 12” or similar sports-ball games.

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A morning on the tiles – a D.I.Y. work in progress.

Our hallway, prior to the commencement of hostilities...

What do you write for a 200th post?  Do you talk about the past, muse on the future or thank people for reading?  Or do you take the blog format to its logical conclusion and tell people about what you’re doing right at this moment?

I am on holiday next week and have decided with Mrs Rolling Eyeballs to make a start on a job which we have been putting off for far too long – tiling our hallway floor, with quarry tiles leading from the kitchen and some grey ceramic tiles proceeding from the quarry tiles, along the hallway to the vestibule which leads to the front door.

Sounds quite grand but it really isn’t, to be honest.

Our splendidly dusty kitchen floor, with tiles and supplies

Don’t misunderstand me – I am not Mr D.I.Y.  Far from it – I only get involved in this kind of home improvement caper predominantly because it saves a bit of cash and there’s a curious satisfaction to be derived from planning, carrying out and living with a D.I.Y. project that you’ve seen from inception to fruition.

Pretty quarry tiles, all in a row

The current state of play as you read this is that the tiles are now applied in a row of four across the wooden floorboards – a slightly dull and nasty red carpet previously sat in situ in the hallway and succeeded primarily in making a dark and dull space that bit more dingy and gloomy than it really had to be.

One fringe benefit of this project won’t even be felt by me – when the hallway is tiled, it’s going to be the ‘go-to’ spot for our dogs to lay their heads in the hot summer weather.  I don’t think that I’ve ever met a dog who didn’t like to lie on a cool ceramic tile in the middle of July and get their canine recline on.

Where's my tiled floor? I want to make with the lying down already.

Not that Minnie’s the major client on this job.  At least, I don’t think she is…

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