“Batman – Arkham City” review – it’s a bit good.

This is my city. It's like somebody forgot to pay the electric bill, isn't it?

Those eagle-eyed scouts at NeoGaf have made a thread, so it must be true – Australian Official Playstation magazine have reviewed the eagerly-awaited “Batman – Arkham City” and given the game a euphoric 10 out of 10.


The ArkhamCity.co.uk forum also report on German magazine Play3 (game play video here) running a cover story next week – the online consensus on the translated magazine preview copy is that this is a 92% game.

Batman - caped crusader or mardy bum?

So, if I take down the last two chapters of “WH 40K: Space Marine”, turbo through “Gears 3” and find some spare cash down the back of several sofas, I should be in a good place to pick up “Arkham City” after I beat the first “Batman” game.

And breathe…

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