Amy Lee – “Rock in Rio” pics

Evanescence do Rock in Rio. Pictured - Amy Lee giving it some. Pics via

Any blogger worth their salt keeps an eye on their statistics – who’s viewing your posts, where they came to you from, which links they clicked.  If you’re a gamer, this is doubly concerning, as it can become a weird meta-game, replete with obsessive stat counting and refreshing of pages.

Evanescence's short-lived tenure as a goth street gang bemused some fans...

With that in mind, one of the most searched for results which has brought someone to my blog is ‘Amy Lee’, erstwhile lead singer and band leader of Evanescence.  Who would have thunk it?  Still, I’m glad to see that people are reading and who am I to not give people what they want?

Evanescence are back after a few years hiatus and fans are obviously keen to find out what they’re up to in the run up to the release of their self-titled third album.  ‘Making Kelly Clarkson cry’ is one unexpected answer.  Amy Lee’s Twitter, meanwhile, is here.

There’s a stream of new song “My Heart is Broken” over at the official site, with a handy lyric sheet for your perusal.  You might also want to check out the current issue of US rock mag “Revolver”, which features Ms Lee on the cover as part of their annual (and ever so slightly reductively sexist) ’25 Hottest Chicks in Hard Rock’ issue.

I did think that we were a bit past that stuff, but a band’s gotta get press in this climate, I guess.

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