Microsoft Fall Dashboard 2011 – now with curiously silent video

Ooh, it's all sleek and new. And I'll bet you people still complain there are no blades...

Joystiq ran this story earlier, but their video (currently) directs to wholly unrelated You Tube trailer for a Shmup. As I wouldn’t want you to be deprived of illumination, here’s a leaked video of the new Xbox 360 user interface – nicknamed ‘Metro’ as per the design for Windows 8 – which is due to reach an Xbox near you on November 15th, or soon thereafter.

If you’re not a gamer, this will mean nothing to you – imagine that you switched on your TV tomorrow morning and found out that you’ve got a new way to navigate around the functions on it and there was an outside chance that it was better than the one you had the day before.  That’s what we’re talking about.


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