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via Kotaku.com

It’s not all esoteric Japanese idol guff and news about “Battlefield 3” minutiae over at Kotaku – today they’ve got a neat gallery of “Tron” concept art, too.

Sister site, io9, meanwhile has a fun op-ed piece on how to beat the curse of having too many villains in your superhero flick.  Particularly fond of the idea of using a second-string bad guy at the beginning of a movie to show the hero or heroine going about their daily business.

Diesel versus Statham? And you thought "Fast Five" had an excess of testosterone...

Den of Geek, meanwhile, have an interesting titbit on the next two (!) “Fast & Furious” movies been filmed back-to-back.  Cinematic tough-guy/hard-boiled egg Jason Statham is apparently also in talks.

Amidst other things of nerdy note, Topless Robot have a fun promo for season two of Zombie drama “The Walking Dead”, which is tantalisingly close to a UK air date.  So tantalisingly close, in fact, that I fully expect it to be snapped up by Sky and slapped onto one of their pay channels which we Virgin Media cable paupers don’t get.  Don’t give them any ideas, Fluffrick…

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