“Rogue Trooper” movie incoming?

Interesting rumblings of a “Rogue Trooper” film project today, according to a post over at Empire magazine’s website.

"2000AD" readers of a certain age are choking up, right about now...

In development over at “Avatar” star Sam Worthington’s production company, with a screenplay intriguingly being worked on by comics iconĀ Grant Morrison, this all seems a cut above the usual talent pressed into service on a project like this.

comics icon, actual visionary and mate of Gerard Way...

Which is to say, I’m particularly cheered to see Morrison at work on this project and not Johnny Screenwriter Du Jour – somebody who has actually written for “2000AD” is always going to be preferable to somebody who’s just writing on assignment.

With this in the works and a “Judge Dredd” movie – dare we hope for a “D.R. & Quinch” movie, too?

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